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A declaration to oneself


SOooo!... That's ME! to your left. A rare moment of my digital imprint captured for the world to see.

A fascination of mine is to understand the fundamental mechanics of footwear, the key sequence of operations which take place before a shoe comes into existence. Charged with the desire to investigate sustainable practices whilst exploring alternative disciplines of Sculpture, Engineering, Bio Design and Performance Art.

Unafraid to fail I will attempt to execute key principles: of transference of space / inviting new perspectives. The multiple uses of in contrast to how far can a concept evolve / As an idea progresses can we assign new purpose.

To explore without boundaries is an ambitious task to say the least, I understand there is a level of naivety as I explore the unknown as my practice takes shape. The challenges I’m faced with may alter the outcome of the question or the practicality of executing the task in hand.

However to overcome potential dis-course, I will need to be reactional and adaptive in submitting my will to the process.




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Sustainable forms Art: 001


Sustainable forms, a concept driven by the exploration of both form & aesthetic using sustainable materials. In this case canvas made from recycled fibres.

My intention is to develop a construction deemed unconventional compared to industrial operations and considered economical unviable when using conventional raw materials.

This approach Is my attempt to make an argument for the uses of sustainable materials. Although canvas is no longer considered a revolutionary material, industrialized in the footwear industry for the manufacture of athletic shoes, little exploration has occurred since regarding its potential

My argument being that of affordance, the aesthetic of excessiveness can have an overwhelming dramatic appeal often associated with luxury at high cost. But what if I where able to reduce the cost whilst achieving a luxurious / desirable aesthetic using a sustainable material. 

For example, the average cow hide is 40sqft sold at an average cost of £110 compared to a recycled canvas of the same size the cost is £29 a %75 reduction price. Understanding the difference in cost and margins I can now explore alternative applications for the recycled canvas which would be 
affordable yet desirable for the consumer. The design language for article 001 is predicated on understanding the values of affordance.